What’s Been Happening at Sandy East this Week



This week’s attendance superstars were 2A.  Congratulations!


This week in our mathematics focus, the Foundation children counted up to day 82 – not long until we reach day 100 now! We practised our addition skills by using a range of resources such as number lines, dominoes and dice to add numbers together.

In literacy, we continued our focus on fairy tales, with each class reading our final fairy tale for the term. We practised using our reading strategies of looking at the pictures, checking for meaning, sounding out, chunking, and skipping and reading on.

Thank you to all those parents and children who attended three way conferences this week, the children were so proud to share and celebrate their learning!

Only one week to go, great job this term Foundation children!

Level 1 & 2

This week has been a wonderful week in the level 1 and 2 area. The teachers have been very proud of the achievements of all students in the preparation for the 3 way conferences.  We hope you enjoyed the conferences on Wednesday, we know the students enjoyed being able to showcase their learning to you.

Following on from our Mini-Beast incursion the classes have gone out to the garden and are in the process of conducting experiments to see what type of material mini-beasts prefer to hide in during the next week. The materials the students are using in the experience are, hessian, plastic, cotton and vinyl. Should be an interesting week of observations.

In Maths this week we have been looking at division, multiplication and fractions. The students also focussed on place value this week also preparing for their conferences.

Reading this week has been fun with the students experimenting with alliteration sentences. Students enjoyed increasing their vocabulary with synonyms to try and find the most interesting and fun sentence about themselves.

Writing this week the students have been learning about information texts. This is linking in with our Mini-Beast incursion also. The students have enjoyed learning about animals and writing information reports about them.

Level 3 & 4

I am sure I say this all the time but how is it the end of term already?!  What a term it has been and this week has been just as busy as the rest.

The students are adding their final touches to their ERP projects, making sure they have included all the significant dates and showing how their particular topic has changed over time.  Don’t forget this Wednesday June 28th at 3pm – 4pm we have the ERP expo, where you are welcome to come into your child’s class and take a look at all their hard work and wonderful learning that has gone on.  Come and take a look and be ready to be amazed.

Thank you to all the students for the incredible three way conferences.  It was great to see each child share their learning with their families and wow their parents with the knowledge they had learnt.

By now, I am sure everyone has been onto compass to get their child’s report, if you are still unable to get on make sure you head into the office where they will be more than happy to help you out.

Thanks for a great term, until next time…The level three and four team.

Level 5 & 6

Athletics Training

On your marks…get set…GO!  Yes, I’m back, and here to inform you about the goings-on in the level 5-6s.

Currently in PE we have been preparing for our yearly ATHLETICS CARNIVAL (insert firecrackers and glitter bombs here)!  Sprinting side by side with our mates and triple jumping just turned competitive. Imagine your feet moving as swift as a fox, your hair whipping by your face and the wind whistling in your ears, your heart beating at a rapid pace.  This is all soon to become a reality for our students (insert applause here)!  We all thoroughly enjoy competing against our classmates, because it’s not all about winning! Sure, it’s nice to win from time to time, but the main thing is having fun. (Yup, that last part was cheesy, but still, it’s true!).  Chelsea A


This term the Level 5s and 6s have the focus of disasters for their Educational Research Projects (ERP). They were given the task to research about one specific disaster and display their new knowledge in an ICT artefact and then another artefact on top of that.  The Expo is this Wednesday, June 28th at 3pm – 4pm. The 5s and 6s are looking forward to sharing and showcasing their learning.  Can’t wait to see you there.

Mia and Macy

PE News

In PE this term, Foundation & Level 1 have been working on throwing and catching, juggling, movement and running.  Our Level 2 students have been playing a netball style game that works on throwing and catching as well as game strategy and movement.