Dear Parents, Students and Friends,

What a wonderful evening the school community enjoyed at the 90’s function. The outfits were amazing and the enjoyment and grooving was evident. Thank you to Simone Smith and her fantastic team, who were supported by sponsors and staff.  Kylie Charlton, under trying circumstances, did a great job auctioning the raffle prizes – I’m sure her voice would have been hoarse the next day as she also donated her time to Grange Road Kinder the same evening.  What would we do without Mr Humble – thank you for another amazing contribution for the students at Sandringham East for catering and the bar service.

We are fortunate to enjoy such an amazing school community, thank you all.

Three Way Conferences

What a pleasing response we had to the three way conferences where students shared their learning with parents and teachers were very proud of the confident, articulate students. 490 ‘Three Way Conferences’ were held which is a fantastic reflection of how our SEPS community supports student learning.  Clearly, the teaching and learning partnership between parents, students and teachers is one we value.

Feedback from teachers has been positive. We heard reported that it was a celebration of all that we have done this year both from a teaching perspective and a student learning stance, and that it was a more relaxed atmosphere than the experience at the meet the teacher at the start of the year. This is evidence of the development of positive working relationships, which are integral to our communication and partnerships with each other.

Stop and Go


This is a great service and I thank our amazing greeters that meet you each morning.  Please remember to ensure students are ready to alight promptly so that there is not a traffic jam up Holloway Road.  When the library door is closed, there is obviously not the safety and I have noticed parents dropping off and then students have no one supervising them – please be aware of this.

There is not to be parking in the circular drive at pick up time OR in the Disabled parks if you do not have a Disabled sign.

Early Arrivals to school

Reminder that teachers are on yard duty 15 minutes prior to the morning bell.  Students arriving earlier than this are not supervised.

Enrolments 2018

Enrolments for 2018 need to be received by June 30th so that we have ample time to plan staffing and classrooms.  SEPS parents please note that this also applies to you if you have siblings starting school next year.

Communication Update

The Department of Education (DET) has recently made changes to our student management database.  Along with many other purposes, this program collates information from your child’s original enrolment at SEPS.  At the time of enrolment, there were options of Mail, Email, Mobile (SMS) & Fax for communication purposes.

As a blanket approach to communication preferences, all families have been changed to Email & SMS.  Please note there is no change to the way we communicate with families regarding child illness/welfare on a day-to-day basis.  This change simply enables us to communicate with you via Email & SMS as needed.

If you do not wish to have your communication preference changed, please contact the school via email or contact the school office on 9598 1704.

There is NO immediate change to SEPS use of the Konnective app for last minute reminders/urgent advice.  This app should be installed on your smart phone with notifications enabled.

The COMPASS portal continues as is with further expansions over the coming months.

  • Delivery of the school newsletter direct to the portal in Term 3 (the old ‘’ will cease).
  • Use of the COMPASS app on your smart phone for some reminders. We recommend the COMPASS app be downloaded to your phone with ‘notifications’ enabled.

Please contact the school if you have any concerns.

I hope that our SEPS community enjoys another wonderful week of learning and fun at SEPS.

As advertised earlier I will be on leave from this Wednesday until July 24th, I look forward to seeing you on my return.

Enjoy your school holiday break and come back refreshed and ready for Term 3, July 17th.