Message from our School Council President

Dear Sandy East parents, students and friends,

And we say farewell to spring and hello summer as we enter December! Christmas lights start popping up, shopping centres are pumping out carols and events start clogging our calendars. Our kids are full of anticipation, excitement and fatigue.

At our last School Council meeting we approved the draft Master Plan that was presented by architects ClarkeHopkinsClarke. We are excited that we have got to this stage and look forward to more news next year – fingers crossed. The plan has been attached to this newsletter.

The countdown to the end of term has begun, tasks are being ticked off, our Foundation children are so far from the ‘littlies’ they were at the start of the year – they’re SEPS veterans now. Our Level 6 group are ready to run their ‘market day’ and are eagerly putting polish to their graduation preparations. And in between is the hustle and bustle of kids enhancing their remaining projects and pondering what new excitement 2017 will bring.

Often parents who get to the school less frequently manage to visit in December. If that’s you and you haven’t looked at our adventure playground yet, I urge you to check it out while you’re here – it is an amazing example of what the SEPS community can accomplish. As a reminder to parents parking around the school, our parking inspectors are not feeling the same fatigue as your kids and will still find plenty of energy to write you a ticket, so keep eyes out for the signage. Also, take care with the construction vehicles still moving around the front of the school doing the building work next door at Sandy Secondary. Let’s try and keep our oval in good condition by walking on the running track around the oval rather than across the grass when using the Bay Road entrance.

Our staff opinion survey is in and the picture it paints is of a generally happy staff. We always have room to improve and their responses help the council and leadership team address any issues to ensure SEPS is not just a great place for our children, but is also a terrific place for our wonderful staff to work in. There are so many ‘above and beyond’ things our staff do that it’s easy to miss individual actions, but it is every single action they take that puts the school and our children in such an amazing environment for learning and maturing.

As always, if you have any queries about any of the above topics, or want to become more involved in our school community, don’t hesitate to ask any member of School Council. It’s time now to start thinking about nominating for Council next year or joining a subcommittee or volunteering as a Class Parent Representative or any of the multitude of ways you can contribute to and share your children’s journey at SEPS. We are always more than happy to discuss any topic.

Yours in giving our best to help our children be their best.

Geoff McRobinson,
School Council President

Dates for the Diary

Please visit the Sandringham East Primary School website for information on all current events and permission notices.

Term Dates

Term 4                                            October 3rd – December 20th (1.30pm dismissal)

Term 1 2017                                   Students return Wednesday February 1st – March 31st

Term 2 2017                                   April 16th – June 30th

Term 3 2017                                   July 17th – September 22nd

Term 4 2017                                   October 9th – December 22nd

Somers Camp 2017 (Level 5 & 6 Students)

somers-camp-logoWe have been lucky enough to have been allocated 41 positions for Somers Camp next February!

If your child has been given a position, could all medical and application forms be returned to me by Friday, 16th December please. Payment by this date would also be appreciated.

Robyn Hall. Somers Camp Co-ordinator

Pink Ribbon Brunch & Bubbles

In late October, 65 SEPS mums and their friends enjoyed a wonderful brunch to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research.

We are thrilled to announce that we were able to raise $5,119 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  What a fantastic result for such a worthy cause!

We’d like to thank everyone who attended for their contributions, and we’d also like to acknowledge our very generous sponsors:


Photos of the event are available on the Sandringham East Fundraising Group Facebook page.

Thanks again for your amazing support.

Kind Regards,

Alida Williams, Michelle Ferguson, Kerry Thomson and Belinda Wilson (Organisers)


SEPS Giving Tree 1st – 14th December

giving-tree-logo-3Our annual SEPS Giving Tree collection has been launched! Every year our school community asks parents to donate a gift for the SEPS Giving Tree, which Family Life will distribute to families in need within our local community.  We have been donating in this way for many years – it is a great Christmassy task to do with your children, who can empathize that there are others who need help at this time.

All toys/books/gifts must be unwrapped and placed in the collection tub in the foyer outside the office between Thursday 1st and Wednesday 14th December.  Weapon related toys will not be accepted by Family Life.

Thank you.

What’s Been Happening at Sandy East this Week


The School Sport Victoria state team trial registrations are now open for 12&U Australian Football, 15&U Girls Australian Football, 17&U Baseball, 12&U Basketball, 12&U Football (Soccer), 12&U Netball, 18&U Tennis, 12&U Touch, 15&U Touch and 15&U Volleyball. Other sports and age groups will open in 2017. Students participating in ‘‘Team Vic’’ state teams represent Victoria in higher levels of sporting competition against students from other Australian states and territories.

More information is available on the School Sport Victoria website.

To be eligible, talented Victorian school students who wish to trial for a place in ‘‘Team Vic’’ must be:

  • A fulltime student at a primary or secondary school affiliated with School Sport Victoria
  • Endorsed by their School Principal/Sport Coordinator
  • Available to attend selection trials and training sessions, and able to meet the costs of participation

Any queries, please feel free to come and see me.

Dave Richardson. PE Teacher.


tendy-logoCongratulations to the superstars of 5A who won the Tendy Award this week for their fabulous attendance.

Student of the Week




This week the Foundation students have been busy practising their singing skills, getting all geared up for the Christmas Carols evening!

In Reading, we have been reading narrative stories and in Writing, we have started learning about procedural texts. We were fortunate enough to have a visit from author Dr. Rosemary Selkirk. She read the Foundation students her story titled ‘Are you Afraid of Monsters?’. The students discussed various character traits monsters would have and moved their bodies as if they were one! After reading the story, students created their very own monster. Some had fifty eyes, some had tentacles and others had ten ears! It was a morning full of imagination and creativity!


In Maths, students have been revisiting their place value knowledge and solving worded problems using a variety of strategies (such as drawing a diagram, using counters, making a table, etc.).

We are looking forward to an exciting week coming up, with Market Day, SEPS Idol and a day of specialist classes (as our teachers will be planning for next year!).

Level 1 & 2

level-12-1It has been an exciting week as summer begins in the JLC! On Monday, the Level 1 and 2 students had an incursion with Professor Bunsen. The children were in awe of the incredible chemical experiments conducted, screaming with delight as different chemicals were combined to result in fire, explosions, foam, pretend blood and of course giant floating bubbles. They watched as water turned to ice above their heads and learned how heat can change elements.

level-12-2The Level 1’s and 2’s had a secret visitor this week, who will be joining the JLC family until Christmas. Elfie, the JLC ‘Elf on the Shelf’ will be watching from a different spot each day, and reporting back to the North Pole each evening! Elfie left the students a book explaining how he is looking out for good deeds and may leave sneaky clues for the students to follow. He has already begun knitting a scarf for Bridget’s rabbit!

In Writing, the Level 1 and 2 students have been practising their grammar and responding creatively to seeds using Writer’s Notebook. The Level 1 Spelling phoneme is /oy/ as in toy, and the Level 2 phoneme is /mb/ as in lamb. We have been revising concepts previously covered in the term in Reading and Numeracy.

On Friday, the students participated in the annual Expo Sports with all students from Foundation to Level 2. The students engaged in a variety of fun activities throughout the morning and enjoyed a sausage sizzle lunch, icy pole and drink upon returning to school in the afternoon.


Level 3 & 4

It has been another exciting week in Level 3 and 4. We have been working diligently on our Educational Research Projects in preparation for our Term 4 Expo on Thursday (8th December) from 3:00 – 4:00pm. It’s sure to be a wonderful time.

We have also been rehearsing our Christmas Carol performance (Wednesday 7th December from 5:00pm) most days and we are looking and sounding great!

level-34The best part about the week was taking part in Expo Sport at Spring Street Reserve. The fantastic presenters from Coach Approach gave us some great training in Frisbee, European handball, hip-hop dancing, juggling and tae kwon do. All the activities were a blast and the weather was positively sublime!

We all can’t wait for this week’s many activities, including Market Day.

Level 5 & 6

Market Day Preparations

Level 6 students have been flat chat preparing the traditional Market Day stalls and festivities for today, Monday 5th. This week students have finished their Business Plan booklets, crunched the numbers one last time on the feasibility of their enterprises, and began setting out their stall designs at the various locations around the school. Posters have been placed in strategic locations around the school (e.g. drinking taps, canteen line areas, and bathrooms) advertising the various stalls’ goods and services.

Beach Swimming Program

Level 5 and 6 students have completed their Royal Life Saving ‘Swim and Survive’ Beach Swimming Program this week. Each day, students headed down to Sandy Life Saving Club to participate in activities teaching them essential foundation skills in swimming, water safety, personal survival and basic rescue. In addition, there have been fun activities using the G-boards, tow ropes and beach flag sprints. A HUGE thank you to all our parent helpers, who have assisted with chaperoning on our bus trips to and from the beach.

Graduation Scrap Books

Level 6 students have started planning their graduation scrapbooks this week. There have been many moments reminiscing with friends about their primary school years, including past teachers, good friends and fun times. Each student is the process of developing a different type of writing piece for each year level of their school journey.

Christmas Carol

With Christmas Carols fast approaching, both Level 5 and 6 are in their final rehearsals for the chosen songs. Costumes and props are currently being designed, made and gathered from home. So watch out for some funky dance moves practiced at home over the next few days (and feel free to join in!)

Boys Netball Game vs Hampton PS

This student led initiative is in full swing. Interested Level 5 and 6 boys were put through their paces by the Girls Netball team and Super Coach Gaby Fennell on Friday in a ‘Friendly’. The girls team ended up taking it out against the boys 17 – 13. Confidence and excitement is now slowly building up for inaugural boys netball game against Hampton PS this week, with some future “Natalie von Bertouch’s and Joyce Brown’s” in the making.


Debating Team

For the past 3 weeks on Tuesdays after school, Cassie, Jake, Keir, Aimi, Paige, Morgan, Anthony, Mitta and Sam participated in the Lions Club exercise to help with debating and public speaking.

We have been learning how we can change the world – that was what they taught us in the first lesson. The second lesson was about persuading people and ways to look confident (that one helped a lot for most people).

The final lesson was the one that everyone was waiting for, debating. We debated about whether or not all kids should have phones. We all loved the fact that we had our stand to talk on. At the end we all took in great advice from Andy and Lynne and we all agreed to use their advice in the future.

Special thanks to the Lions Club members for always being there for us and taking great care, also thanks to Andy and Lynne for teaching us all about public speaking and what it takes to be confident on stage, no matter what comes our way.

By Cassie and Sam 5B



Note: The last date for regular canteen service is Friday 9th December.


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