Dates for the Diary

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Term Dates

Term 4                                                  October 3rd – December 20th (1.30pm dismissal)

School Camps

Level 2 Sleepover at School                  November 18th


Level 5 & 6                                            November 28th – December 2nd


Hi Students and Parents,

Market Day is rapidly approaching and the long awaited SEPS Idol is about to kick off! For those of you who don’t know what SEPS Idol is, it’s a talent show the Level 6’s host each year. Whether it be singing and dancing or juggling and telling jokes, it’s all welcome! It’s 50c to watch and $1 to audition. The finalists will be notified soon after the final auditions. This year it’s going to be better than ever, so come along to the auditions and show us your special talent!

Audition Dates

Foundation – Tuesday 8th November

Level 1 – Wednesday 9th November

Level 2 – Thursday 10th November

Level 3 – Friday 11th November

Level 4 – Monday 14th November

Level 5 – Wednesday 16th November

Level 6 – Thursday 17th November

Market Day & SEPS Idol finals – Monday 5th December.

SEPS Idol Team.

Father & Child Camp

father-child-camp-logoLast weekend over 150 Dads, daughters and sons, headed down to the lush green hills of Neerim South for a fun filled, action packed weekend and with the weather forecast looking clear and warm, it was shaping up to be exactly what everyone was hoping for!

After a late night on Friday night (it took a little while for the excitement to fizzle out), most of the crew headed to the oval for a ‘Reds’ vs ‘Blues’ soccer game Saturday first thing. With two sets of goals at each end, goals were literally scored from left, right and centre of field. Dads took part too and I can safely say the game was an even result. When the game over, it was time for an activity challenge which included an egg & spoon/sack race followed by the inaugural Dads/Child Tug of War challenge. The Tug of War Challenge was a hit and will continue for coming years, nearly everyone got involved.

If that wasn’t enough for a morning, there was time to squeeze in before lunch the craft activities, lantern making and boat making for the ‘Boat Race’ on Sunday morning. Between paper, paddle pop sticks, glue, boat flags, lantern candles and every other craft item you can think of, there were many very worthy contenders for the race on Sunday morning. But Sunday morning was the last thing on minds when we had an afternoon of wall climbing and archery ahead of us. If that wasn’t enough, there was also a low ropes course that needed to be conquered. The afternoon was much fun, and between the sore feet and tired legs, I’m pretty sure that most of the kids (and particularly Dads) were looking forward to some well-deserved rest, dinner and movie!

After a pretty blowy Saturday night it was time for the boat race and all the worthy contending boats to race down the creek. Everyone lined up let their vessel go. It was a very tight race and many of the boats endured tough conditions, but at the end a winner was declared. Congratulations Harry C, maybe see you at the next race with a defending entry?? Sunday was a pretty quiet day outside of the boat race, so it was nice to round out the morning with some casual trail walking or hut building. I can imagine there were some very sleepy eyes on the car ride home.

That pretty much wrapped up the weekend and I’m not sure we could fit much more in without extending the weekend to a Monday, perhaps an option for next year??? What do you think Dads???

Special thanks goes to Simon Withington, Rob Kusman, Steve Little, Paul Waldren and Ian Celantano for helping out with the food shop and Dan Newton for supplying the sporting goods. Also a special mention goes out to Steve Lopes for spending most of the weekend helping out in the kitchen, thanks Steve!!

I’m looking forward to next year, planning is already under way and hopefully we see everyone back in 2017!

Greig Nichols, Dad Organiser.


Lions Club Raffle


Look out for your Lions Christmas Community Raffle flyer going home this week.

We are making it a choice to take home a book this year and you also have the option of taking home more books. If you can’t sell tickets through work or family connections, possibly spare an hour or two to help out at our community selling booths on the 5th & 12th November. If you can lend your support and an hour of your time, go to Thank you in anticipation of your support.

What’s Been Happening at Sandy East this Week


Congratulations to the superstars of 1A (again) and Foundation A who both won the Tendy Award this week for their fabulous attendance.


Due to a visit from the 2017 Foundation children we had an extra Investigations session this week, much to the delight of the children! Some children investigated in the Level 1 and 2 classrooms, familiarising themselves with the learning environments of the JLC.

In English, we began reading a new text, ‘Bugs All Around’, which taught us all about bugs, including information about the features of insects and spiders. In our writing, we practised writing information reports about horses.

In Mathematics, we continued our focus on money, with children completing a ‘thinkboard’ to show the teachers what they have learned about this topic. In our maths groups, we practised our addition skills.

We have the ‘Zoo Comes To You’ visiting us on Wednesday afternoon, so make sure you have returned your notices to your class teacher.

Thank you to our parents who are helping to provide food and setting up for our Afternoon Tea Party next Wednesday afternoon!

Level 1 & 2

What a crazy week for the JLC! Level 1’s and 2’s have been preparing all week for the upcoming Artsfest. Furniture is being moved, classrooms cleaned and crossing fingers and toes that the weather holds out. The Level 1 and 2 students will be performing Friday night first up, singing ‘The Entertainer’ and ‘A Tisket A Tasket’ with Mr Scherpenhuizen. There will also be quite a few students participating in the choir performances with Miss Woods and Miss Ransom. What a busy night for our Levels, we wish them the best of luck! All students are excited to see their art displayed and share the experience with their families.

In other exciting news, the Level 1’s and 2’s also prepare for their excursion to Melbourne Zoo. The students will be choosing their favourite animal to learn more about. After gathering information during the day, the students will be writing an Information Report on their animal in the week to follow. We are hoping we don’t have to brave too much rain, but regardless we know we are in for a wonderful adventure! The JLC team is so grateful to have the help of supportive parents on this trip, and cannot wait for all the experiences the day has to offer.

The Level 1 students have been practising their blending in reading, while the Level 2’s have been working on comparing and contrasting different texts. In numeracy, the Level 1’s have revisited the concepts of 3D shapes and digital time, while the Level 2’s have continued their work on fractions. In writing we have looked at starting our work with a ‘bang’, and writing ‘sizzling starts’.

Can’t wait to fill you in on our Melbourne Zoo adventures next week!

Level 3 & 4

Well, it has been another fantastic week of learning at SEPS. The students of Level 3&4 have enjoyed writing their Big Writes (based on the prompt “Found”) this week. Our reading focus, accuracy, has been well worth reviewing, the word jumbles were particularly fun. In Maths, we’ve been revising and extending our ability to recognise and use the four operations to solve number problems.

While the Level 4’s have continued their exploration of plant life by examining flowers with magnifying glasses and labelling the many parts we have been learning about, the Level 3’s Science with Wilko focus this term will be Living Things. We started this week by looking at what classifies as a ‘Living Thing”. Wilko and his year 10 students taught the Level 3’s about the acronym MRBEGS, which helps us to understand whether something is living or not. MRBEGS stands for moving, reproducing, breathing, eating, growing and being sensitive. Students had the opportunity to have a look at some living things, such as lizards, silk worms and guinea pigs and then go through the MRBEGS acronym to see if they were living or not.


Level 5 & 6

Another busy week for students in Level 5 and 6.

Monday saw all classes attend a Cyber Safety session with Susan McLaren in the library. The session was highly informative as it provided a unique perspective of the risks that are present when going online and how to protect ourselves from these risks. Many in attendance were surprised to find out the age requirements for using certain social media apps, and students have been asked to complete and return a form from the session signed by themselves and their parents or guardians.

In writing, classes have begun revising the recount writing genre with teachers preparing a personal recount of their own to share and model the genre to students. While in reading, students have been continuing on with their class book clubs as well as viewing some Behind the News episodes as part of the Economics (Level 6) and Health (Level 5) Inquiry subject focuses.

Level 5 students had a great day at Sandringham Secondary College last Tuesday, meeting teachers and seeing the schools facilities including the new Science labs. They participated in a science class where they ran an experiment using paper planes.


In sport, Level 6 students have been participating in some casual games of kick-ball, touch gridiron, ultimate frisbee and skittleball with Mr Richardson and Mr Smithfield. In addition, Ms Cullen has been training both the girls Basketball team for their upcoming big games and the newly formed SEPS boys netball team for their upcoming intraschool matches and interschool test match against Hampton PS.

Chess Super Players!

Congratulations to our SEPS Chess players who finished 3rd at the Interschool Championships at Wesley College on Monday. Great performances from all the players, especially Chey, who successfully won 6/7 of his games.

Chey, Millie, Anthony, Maxim, Owen and Costa have qualified for the Semi Finals next week, where Maxim and Costa will be among the youngest players out of all the schools! Good luck!