Dates for the Diary

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Term Dates

TERM 3                                                    July 11th – September 16th (2.30pm dismissal)

TERM 4                                                    October 3rd – December 20th (1.30pm dismissal)

School Camps

Fathers Community Run Camp                 October 14th – 16th

Level 2 Sleepover at School                      November 18th


Foundation, Level 1 & 2                              August 22nd – September 2nd

Level 5 & 6                                                 November 28th – December 2nd

Curriculum Days (Pupil Free Days)

Term 3                                                          Friday September 9th

Artsfest 2016 and 85th SEPS Birthday      Friday October 21st

It’s all about Dad this Week!


Fathers Day Stall LogoOur annual Father’s Day Stall is tomorrow!

There will be a great selection of gifts including pens, keyrings, frames, mugs and much much more!

Gifts will range from $1 to $5.

Students will be given an opportunity to visit the stall with their classes during the day.

Make sure you bring your own carry bag to take your gifts home.


Fathers Day Brekkie LogoWe’re looking forward to hosting our annual Father’s Day Breakfast on Thursday.

Breakfasts that have been pre-ordered/paid will be served 7.30am – 8.45am.

All food is catered in advance, so we are unable to sell breakfasts on the day.

Dads please feel free to bring a football, basketball etc, to play with the kids after you’ve eaten. Students will be supervised by teachers on yard duty so dads can still get to work on time.

We are still in need of a few volunteers to assist on the day, so if you are able to help, please sign up to the online roster:


Dads FootyFinish the week by cheering on SEPS Dads as they battle local rivals, Sacred Heart Dads, for the coveted trophy. After being defeated for the past 2 yeas, this is SEPS’ year to be crowned champions!

2016 Dads Footy

** Please note that this event has been organised by the parent community and is not associated with SEPS, its Principal, Assistant Principal or its School Council **

SEPS Golf Umbrella – Great Fathers Day Gift!

SEPS branded golf umbrellas are a great Father’s Day gift idea – especially for the avid golfer or anyone seeking shade from the summer sun!

Super strong, they will protect all the family from rain during a school dash from the car to the classroom.  These quality umbrellas are usually $90 at exclusive golf clubs like Royal Melbourne however, are available to SEPS families for only $45.

Purchase yours from the office or online at now and receive it before the weekend.  Limited numbers available, so don’t miss out!


Family Life Sexual Education Program

This program is run every 2 years at SEPS by Family Life Victoria. It is designed to encourage communication on topics of Health & Human Relations and is attended by children and their parent/guardian.

The content of each session is different, as it caters to the age of the children. It is a very worthwhile program and your attendance is encouraged.

Find out more information about the sessions and book your place via

Famiy Life

Curriculum Day Jumping at Xtreme Air Trampoline Park

Extreme Air LogoIf you’re thinking of things to do with the kids on Curriculum Day, head to Xtreme Air Trampoline Park.

SEPS have been given sole use of Xtreme Air from 11.00am – 1:00pm on Friday 9th September to jump jump jump and definitely put the FUN in FUNdraising!

The special deal is $16.50 per person if booked online ($19.50 per person walk in), which includes the mandatory Xtreme Air Socks and a 2 hour jump session …. that’s two hours for the price of one!

Book tickets online (be careful to select the Sandy East day and time!) and we’ll see you there!

Xtreme Air Flyer

What’s Been Happening at Sandy East this Week

Book Week Parade         

Congratulations to our best-dressed winners from Foundation, Level 1 and Level 2!

Book Week Best Dressed


What a big week it was! Foundation students had their first ever week of school swimming (and their first time travelling together by bus), plus the Book Week Parade on Wednesday. Book Week is a timely reminder of the importance of literature in the lives of children and families. Daily, children should have opportunities to read to themselves, read to another person and have another person read to them. Their take-home books are at a level which should enable children to experience success with their reading while building confidence and fluency. There is a huge world of great quality children’s books out there, so pay a visit the Sandringham or Beaumaris library and let your child pick out some picture story books, or even some small novels aimed at younger children which you can read to them (op shops and Aldi often have fantastic book bargains too). Besides, nothing beats a bedtime story! See some photos below of our Foundation students dressed as some of their favourite book characters. Next Monday 5th September is our Learning By Doing woodwork workshop, so please ensure permissions slips are returned by this Wednesday.

Congratulations to Foundation B for winning the Tendy award!

Level 1 & 2

This week swimming classes have begun in earnest. It was interesting to see the children in a different environment and the excitement associated with it. The quote of the week, which we will be running from now on in Level Happenings, was when we were all lined up outside SEPS dressed for swimming and waiting for the buses, one of the children asked “what are we waiting for?”. The other children then gave various answers such as “I don’t know” and “We might be going on an excursion.”!

This week in Math we have concentrated on identifying the features of 2D and 3D shapes, in particular, the difference between prisms and pyramids. We have also revisited and consolidated telling the time in both digital and analogue. Level 1 have been focusing on fractions. As a result of swimming, the weekly 100 minute problem-solving sessions throughout the JLC have taken a break for this week and next week. With regards to Writing, our focus has remained on narratives and has concentrated on the correct use of talking marks and the use of WOW words (ambitious words). In support of our Writing, the Spelling focus for Level 2 has been the spelling choice ‘a’ as in banana and for the Level 1’s has been ‘oo’ as in moon. Our Reading focus for the week has continued to be comprehension (identifying the main idea) and fluency.

This week in Science we continue with our focus on Push and Pull forces. To illustrate this, we investigated gravity’s pull effect on falling objects and the opposing push force of air on the same falling objects.

Best of wishes, from all the teachers in the JLC.

Level 3 & 4

We welcomed back the Woorabinda campers this week. By the sounds of things, they had a marvellous time on camp and they have come back with some fun stories of their time away. The camp will be offered to students again in 2 years’ time so other students can look forward to that opportunity. Mrs Hall accompanied our students to the camp and came back with some glowing feedback from other teachers about our campers. What a wonderful opportunity!

All Level 3 and 4 students have taken part in a Cold Write this week. The Cold Write topic was ‘Monster Mayhem at School’. Teachers will assess all students writing and a rubric will be sent home to all parents, along with the student’s piece of writing.

During Math this week, students have been getting used to using protractors to measure angles. They have learnt about right angles, straight angles, reflex angles, obtuse angles and acute angles and the varying degrees of them all.

We have also planted a class ‘seed’ during writing for our class Writers Notebook. A ‘seed’ is a prompt for writing. Seeds come in various different forms – they could be a movie ticket, a photo, a postcard, a lolly wrapper, theatre ticket, or anything that will give students an idea of something to write about.

Thanks to all of the Level 3 parents and students who attended the Level 3 school Working Bee – once again your help is much appreciated!

Level 5 & 6

Level 5&6 Photo 1The Level 5 and 6 students have been reacquainting themselves with narrative this week in both Reading and Writing. The students always enjoy the opportunity to let their creative juices flow and we have seen some exciting and engaging pieces, full of ambitious vocabulary. During a Big Write on Thursday, the students took us on a space journey full of some wild, whacky and every bit thrilling adventures. The staff and students were fortunate to have the talents of Julie Shepherd back in our classrooms teaching all of us about how to further improve and develop the students’ use of ‘Writer’s Notebooks’. This Notebook is designed to help students breathe in the world around them and organically allow the students to ‘seed’ ideas and grow them in their own way. It will compliment the structure of VCOP that will provide for tangible outcomes and consistency in assessment.

There has also been a buzz amongst the students in anticipation of their upcoming Education Research Project (ERP). With our focus being Geography, the Level 5’s & 6’s have been busily working in pairs or individually to align their interests to at least two of the learning intentions and come up with their inquiry questions to steer their research. We look forward to seeing their progress and the end result so please lock in the Expo for Wednesday 14th September in your diaries.

In Math, students have been sharpening their multiplication skills looking at strategies for multiplication (including estimation skills) and some have been trying their hand at multiplying decimals and tackling tricky worded problems.

Level 5&6 Photo 3Lastly, to celebrate the success of the Rio Olympics and to simply let our hair down and have a bit of fun, the Level 6 House captains and vice-captains organised a mini-olympics event for the Level 4, 5 and 6 students. The activities included in this schedule were somewhat different to Rio and including things like a Level 5&6 Photo 2Jelly-Bean and Spoon race, a Lima Bean Relay Race and a Pass the Lifesaver event. It was still fiercely competitive but not so serious (although there was some serious laughter!). Perhaps Tokyo may choose some of our event ideas for the 2020 Olympic Games?

Woorabinda Camp

Last week I had the privilege of taking 28 of our Level 4and 5 students to Camp Woorabinda- the camp by the waterhole- in Yallourn North. It was an action-packed week full of adventure, great food, music, campfires, making new friendships and lots of laughs- and all capped off with beautiful weather. I was so proud of our SEPS students as they embraced all challenges with smiles, determination and respect for others. Woorabinda runs on the notion of the 3 Cs- consideration, courtesy and co-operation and our students delivered on all counts. I received many compliments from the other teachers at camp about our students’ behaviour and attitude and not to mention, their impeccable manners.

        Robyn Hall-Sutton    

Please enjoy the following report from two of our star campers.

Woorabinda camp was a unique, one-of-a-kind, incredible experience. The food was fantastic; for one of the dinners we had delicious hamburgers. One night we went to the outdoor eating area where the campfire was awaiting us, and we were in charge of entertaining ourselves when we performed hilarious skits. On one night we went for a night hike and saw two wallabies and a shooting star!

The activities at camp were thrilling and adrenaline-rushing, some of which included animal handling with a two metre long Victorian Python named Fluffy. The high ropes course involved us wearing a harness and we had to face many obstacles far from the ground. The 127 metre zip-line was scary but thrilling at the same time. Unfortunately canoeing was cancelled due to the lake being dry, be we had so much fun anyway. Everyone who went to this amazing camp made so many new friends from the three other schools, and we will keep in touch with them in the future. Our experiences were incredible and we hope to go back again one day.

By Chelsea and Brandon

Camp Collage

Little Scientist

Little Scientist was great last week. We learnt all about biology (but no, we did not dissect anything!). We used microscopes, looked at augmented reality, made observations of stick insects and got to build our own.

We looked through microscopes that were 4X, 400X and 1000X magnification. Through these microscopes we looked at stick insect eggs, a piece of eye tissue and liver cells.

In augmented reality we used an app. The app recognised a pattern or image on a piece of paper and when you held the device over it, it put a real life object in that position. We looked at 2 things in that app. One we looked at was a body and the other was a heart. We also got to create our own. We took a picture and made a video and put the video on the picture somewhere, so when you scan it your video will come up on the picture where you placed it.

The other area we looked at was a stick insect. We had to fill out observations about the different specimens of stick insects. We also got to design our own stick insects using specific requirements – female; live at top of tall trees which were spread far apart and there were lots of birds in the area.

We had a fun day at Little Scientists!

By Gabriella.

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